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While searching for a teacher trained in the Taubman technique for injury prevention, I came across Pheaross’s website and was thrilled to hear his artistry. I then consulted with pianists I knew through UC Irvine, from whom I heard only raves about Pheaross as a teacher. I found Pheaross for my 13 year old son, who started piano late but shows strong aptitude and soon decided to take lessons myself as well after decades away from piano. He has now taught us for over a year, and we could not be happier. He put to rest potential injuries my son was developing within weeks, and allowed him to find new joy and achievement at the piano that spilled into other areas of his life. He is equally superb with adults, teaching each of us with passion, patience, and an uncanny ability to provide just the right tools for advancement to the next level. As the child of a musical family who somehow neglected to immerse her son in piano at an early age, I am so grateful to have found a teacher who can help my son achieve his potential and find real joy in musical expression.  We also appreciate that Pheaross is an intellectual as well as a musician and how much he values and encourages all areas of my son’s endeavors and accomplishments.


-Dr. Julia E., Professor, Princeton University




Pheaross is extremely knowledgeable and can construct an appropriate curriculum for improvement in numerous fields, including technique, performance, repertoire expansion, music theory, ear and vocal training, and even music history.  Most importantly, Pheaross is able to fluently communicate his knowledge on these subjects in many ways - verbally, written, by demonstration, or any other way you feel may be effective. He can explain a vague, complicated concept in an intuitive manner, and can also go into detail on seemingly simple ideas to ensure the student’s complete understanding.  Lessons with Pheaross are fun, informative, and driven. He is a naturally talented teacher and will patiently guide you toward your musical goals. As an MFA and a lifelong musician, Pheaross is one of the most qualified and capable piano instructors for aspiring musicians of any age and skill level.


-Pardis Z., Recent UC Irvine alumnus





Pheaross is a great teacher who has earned much respect and gratitude from my daughter the student and myself the parent.  Under his guidance, my daughter has improved tremendously. As a parent, I like the fact that Pheaross puts emphasis on technique, hand and back posture, and other foundational skills; he offers comprehensive teaching. He is very calm and patient, which is a great quality that especially benefits a young student. He has helped build confidence in my daughter. The enjoyment she has from playing piano is precious to us and we thank Pheaross for that. 


-Helen S., parent of 8-year-old student

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