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Where do you teach?

I give piano lessons in Los Angeles and Orange County. In my Los Angeles piano studio near Sherman Oaks (close to Los Angeles Valley College), students have access to many resources, including an extensive music library and thousands of classical CDs. In-home lessons are possible.

Long Distance & COVID-19 Lessons?

Given the need to maintain health or to accommodate out-of-state/international students, I am happy to offer lessons by Zoom or Skype, which opens many possibilities. Please inquire for further information.


Do you have a method?

As a performer-scholar, my method is comprehensive; I aim to develop complete musicians. I dynamically respond to the student in front of me, rather than working with a rigid, inflexible plan. Physiologically-informed technique (Taubman Approach), crafting interpretations, thinking about history, studying theory, training the ear, and developing advanced rhythmic skills are among some of the basic areas informing my pedagogy.


What kind of pianos do you have in your studio?

I have a 7’3” Grotrian-Steinweg semi-concert grand piano. Imported from Germany, this is an artist-grade instrument.  To give students another option, to accompany concertos, or explore two-piano repertoire, I also have a 52” Yamaha piano, which has a unique radial frame, offering a rich tone.


How much & often should I practice?

Good, multifactorial instruction is crucial. One of the most important factors leading to success is time spent working at the instrument, carefully reflecting upon the weekly lesson.  Ideally, one should try to practice at least six days a week.  Generally, the greater one's desire to advance, the greater the time needed.  Here are some rough, non-absolute guidelines:


  • Novice: 30 minutes 

  • Intermediate: 1 hour 

  • Advanced: 2 hours 

  • Virtuoso: 4-6 hours 


The key is consistency and conscientiousness, which means practice every day, including weekends, holidays, etc. The quality of practice is of greater importance rather than sheer length or mindless repetition.  Like anything, effective practice requires establishing good habits. Younger pianists still developing executive skills will need careful supervision.


How often do students meet for lessons?

Once a week.  Lessons must be formally consistent to maintain steady progress.  For especially devoted students, we can meet twice weekly.

What levels of students do you teach?

I'm delighted to teach students at many stages of development.  I'm drawn particularly to those who are committed to excellence and have their eyes set on growth.  In terms of age and background, I've worked with teens, young adults, children, working professionals, among others.  I'm happy to receive students who are eager to progress to more advanced levels and who are seeking expertise to help them reach their goals and set new ones.


How do you pronounce your first name, Pheaross?

 "fur-AHS."  Please click the play button:

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